Cat Fight Rehearsals

Rehearsals for Cat Fight are well under-way. With only a little more than a week until opening night, crunch time is on! The typical race-against-time that is so common in theater is setting in.

Cat Fight is by far the hardest show I have ever directed. Its massive theme along with all the different pieces create so much of a challenge. But a challenge is what I wanted for my first independent production. What’s the point of creating art you’re completely comfortable with?

The cast is astounding. A complete ensemble cast, with female artists that vary from actresses to poetesses to pole dancers. When they get on stage together, their energy is palpable.

This next week will be intense. Even I don’t know how the show will turn out. But I’m very excited. Cross your fingers for me! xoxo – Vanessa Cate

catfight group3 catfight group2 1 catfight group3 1

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