Poetry Solves Problems 

 Poetry Solves Problems is a collaborative force of poets, painters, singers, and musicians. We aim to improve our community with art and community. We run events to bring all the incredible talents under one roof (or sky depending on the venue). It is by far the most inspiring thing, a moment to remember, a revolution in the making. Be a part of the change, my friends!

ZJU_THEATRE_GROUP_LOGO_GREEN_with_neon_green_line_GIF_TRANSZombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group

For more than twenty years, ZJU has developed a signature style of theater which is at once avant-garde, experimental, horrific, and tantalizing. Having housed ‘Cat Fight’, ‘Life, Death & the Middle’, ‘Love Sucks’and ‘HEX’, as well as being close creative companions, Zombie Joe’s Underground has helped make True Focus Theater possible.


Stage Raw

Stage Raw is a digital journal dedicated to discovering, discussing and honoring L.A.-based arts and culture. The site offers complimentary searchable event listings, reviews, features, profiles, humor and essays. Stage Raw is here to provoke, and to serve artists and their audiences in the larger struggle to discern the purpose of our lives, and the meaning of our city.


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood believes in the fundamental right of each individual, throughout the world, to manage his or her fertility, regardless of the individual’s income, marital status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or residence.
With Planned Parenthood under attack, True Focus Theater would like to raise awareness and support for this vital organization, and has thus far raised $740 from performance fundraisers.


Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room

Invite your imagination inside the Vampire Lounge, created and designed by Vampire Vineyards’ Countess, herself, Lisa Dominique Machat. Rumored to be owned by a circle of vampires, this cool seductive tasting room is the first of its kind. A secret escape in the heart of Beverly Hills. Located at 9865 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills opposite the Peninsula Hotel, The Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room is the first wine tasting room ever to open in Beverly Hills, CA.


The Show Tell Project 

The Show Tell Project is an online magazine dedicated to sharing independent art, poetry, film and nonfiction work with particular interest paid to women and gender.


If you have a website that is an appropriate fit, we’d love to trade links with you! Email with your information!

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