Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a family of Theatre Artists who together create truthful, meaningful, challenging, and entertaining pieces of work. We strive to explore and incorporate different art forms, perspectives, and mediums into the craft of the stage while upholding a level of professionalism in the Los Angeles theatre community and at large. In all this, we strive to never ask the audience to indulge us, but rather leave them with something of value, so that we may all become enriched by the artistic process. True Focus Theater is about embracing our truth, and feeling empowered as the artists and people that we are.

Meet the Team!

(Founder, Artistic Director, Director, Writer, Performer, Producer, Instructor)
Vanessa Cate is a woman of many hats –  director, actor, producer, playwright, and more. With years of residence at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater Group in North Hollywood, reviewing live theatre and working as Editor for Stage Raw, and having worked across the coast teaching and performing improv comedy, her background is diverse, and experience ranges from comedy to grand guinol to cabaret. Her passion being always art, and always theatre, it has been her goal to create a theatre group where talented individuals can flourish as an artistic family. As an artist, she hopes to always grow and always find joy in experimentation.

Resident Artists have been a part of multiple True Focus Theater productions, their artistic voice continually helping to fuel and define True Focus Theater.


True Focus Theater could never function without the work of the wonderful crew.